Monday, June 20, 2011

Relevancy still a substantial reason why customers unsubscribe from email

It’s 7:15am. You had just woken up to that annoying buzzer not too long ago to find yourself on your iPhone or laptop checking your morning emails. You allocate maybe ten to fifteen minutes to check your morning 
emails before you get ready to start your day.

In your inbox you maybe find one personal email, a few e-bills and five or so promotional emails. You quickly get through the personal email, brush past the bills (because quite frankly, they’re bills) and finally spend about ten minutes on what your favorite companies may have to offer. You’re able to quickly brush past two of the promotional emails because the subject lines didn’t seem too enticing. You brush past a third because it came from a retailer who you might like but has built a certain “reputation” for itself for offering really bad promotions so you know it’s just not worth opening. This leaves you two emails; the first is an electronics online retailer which you find interest in because the subject line reads, “Save up to 50% on your favorite electronics!” You open this email to find that the email sells three different types of computer components that you don’t need or are way over your budget. On to the last email from a local deals website, you open it to find a good deal but for something you don’t care particularly about. Your morning routine was accomplished that day with the time better spent flossing and off you go to get ready for work.

Ask yourself, how often do you find yourself in that scenario? Maybe a bit too often?  On the other side as a marketer, are you finding low opens and low clicks? Ever ask yourself, “maybe I’m feeding my customers a bunch of offers or content that they don’t care much about?”

Different surveys have varying percentages for what percent of consumers unsubscribe due to content irrelevancy but according to a recent article published by, at least 25% of unsubscribes are 
due to irrelevant content, maybe much more.

If you don’t know, find out!
If you don’t know what your customer wants, now is a perfect time to find out! There are a number of ways you could do this; it may just be as easy as simply sending out an email and asking. Neither you nor your customer wants to waste time looking at things that have no value; that’s what window shopping at the mall is for.

A few simple methods of obtaining customer data:

-Send an email that specifically asks the customer what their preferences are – i.e. prices, categories of interest, products, etc…; you can sell this one by simply telling the customer that by answering a few quick questions, they can view content/prices that they would prefer to see.

-People love stuff, especially if it’s a bargain/free; by extending a good deal or something that is free in exchange for information is always a good way to obtain information.  Other good incentives are being entered in a contest, offering rebates/coupons*.
*Remember this during Black Friday/Cyber Monday

-In the customer’s shopping cart form, add a small survey as part of the purchasing procedure; be sure that if you do this, you make the questions simple and intuitive. 

-Finally, be sure to enhance your subscription form so that every new customer moving forward will supply you the necessary information you are looking for.

In order to dream big, think small.
Small businesses tend to fair better than large companies in email response rates because they tend to appeal to a very specific customer and offer a very specific product. While large companies would LOVE to just have one general product for every customer, the fact is that you can’t make everyone happy with one solution. Large companies have an advantage; due to larger budgets, big businesses are more capable of obtaining key information.

It is essential that as an email marketer, you obtain information about your customer’s wants, likes and limits before you try to sell to that customer. Invest in obtaining data about your customer as to what types of products they would like to see, what product-related news they would like to read, what promotions they would like to be sent and how much they would prefer to pay. The more information you obtain about your customer in addition to the more information you utilize to your advantage, the higher the chances that you will be more capable of creating a marketing program that will have higher rates of responses from your customer-base.

If you have an alternative method of obtaining specific customer data, feel free to share in the comments section of this post.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Searching for a job and you don't have experience? Create it!

You just graduated from college and you dont have job experience? Create it.

With millions of new graduates entering a competitive job market every year, there is going to be a lot of competition amongst your peers to not only get "the top job" but any entry level job. Often times those who graduate have a lack of essential job experience that puts them behind others who have possibly obtained that experience during college. There is a misconception that you must have an official job title before you can use that experience in your resume. To that I say "phooey," for experience can come from anywhere. The problem with many degrees is that they teach you theorhetical things in nature and lack on the practical aspect of education which is what many companies look for.

So if you or someone you know if finding themselves in this situation, here is some advice: you live in the best time in this world's
history to be a self starter. There are so many resources on the internet to be able to obtain the required skills and information to add technical skills and knowledge to your resume.

I am going to use myself as an example; when I graduated from college with a business degree, I was at a loss of how much experience most companies wanted. So what I did was start teaching myself SEO (search engine optimization), practical marketing concepts and HTML. I started to create my own business concepts and websites. After a month or two of building these skills I felt that I had sufficient knowledge to use this knowledge as both experience and skills on my resume. You of course, want to be honest and be realistic about what you did and what you know. It wasnt long after i made that investment in myself did I land a job.

In order to get ahead (or catch up) you must work hard and push yourself. You may have a lot of frustration; you may not understand a lot of concepts off the bat; You WILL NEED TO push yourself. But with the confidence and the new valuable skills you receive, the rewards will be wondrous.

Always remember that during this time you may want to budget a little time to apply to entry level jobs as companies still look for inexperienced people.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta; A Bust!

We here at Best3ForFree.Com always look forward to new releases of software and gadgets, so when we heard that Mozilla has released a Beta for FireFox 4, we immediately downloaded the software, made it our default browsers and then… ended up changing our default browsers to FireFox 3.6.8 within two days.
What a blow! There were such high expectations of this web browser (to function) that given after all of the errors we faced, we were confused why Mozilla even released FireFox 4 in such terrible condition. Surely they thought about attempting an internal Beta first? If not, it wouldn’t be the first time that a company didn’t test their products before they launched them, just look at the I-Phone 4 (just kidding… kind of…).
Some of the problems we experienced had to do with instability errors but the most annoying error was when resizing a browser page, FireFox4 would lock up.
Of course, we could just Alt+Tab to different window or program and then Alt+Tab again back to FF4. This became pretty annoying after two days of this plus a number of other bugs so we just uninstalled it.

Bad Mozilla! Bad!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Overclocking with Intel; a Beginning to a Prosperous Relationship?

So now that the FIFA World Cup is over, people can go back to their normal lives and bitch about something other than how England, the United States and Brazil gave a disappointing performance not too mention how the FIFA referees are almost legally blind.

We here at Best3ForFree.Com can somewhat go back to our normal lives as well. We have a bunch of articles and blog posts planned in the next month and are excited that we have a planned launch for the site around early September.

I'd like to talk about an interesting but at times boring webinar that was hosted by Intel and sponsored by

A few days ago (from the time I wrote this article), announced that they were going to sell a new Intel processor that is unlocked and ready for overclocking. Over-clocking you say? Why would a processor chip manufacturer produce, encourage and sell overclock-able chips??? That's like asking for a sizable amount of customers to screw up and get pissed off at your company because his or her $300 product predictably fried. If you don't know, overclocking is when you configure the settings in a computer's BIOS so that the processor speed improves. As a consequence, processors use more wattage which generates more heat and results in more wear on the processor or possibly results in the processor being fried and thrown away (no warranty on this venture).

Despite the risk of product destruction that could and often does result, in business a common rhetoric is, "I'll sell whatever the customer wants!" Driven by a niche of geeky computer hardware enthusiasts, Intel has placed overclock-ready dual-core and quad-core processors (Intel i7 875k) on the market for the very “affordable” price of $250.00 - $350.00 (mind you this is just for the processor). I don't know what's more risk-prone for catastrophe, investing in BP or overclocking (just joking… somewhat).

It should be interesting to see how many of these processors sell, due to the fact that you don’t necessarily need an “overclock friendly” processor in order to overclock. As such, it is likely to be a very specific market of people who will choose to purchase these types of processors.

In an effort to enlighten people about overclocking (as well as to sell the new Intel product), NewEgg.Com sponsored a free webinar in collaboration with Intel. To quickly give a rundown of the webinar, it was a very informative presentation by some well-spoken speakers. It’s very clear that Intel has some very competent people that work for them. However, for those who are completely oblivious to overclocking, I would say the webinar doesn’t build an extremely clear picture of what the process is for overclocking as well as specific steps necessary to achieve a modest and reliable overclock of the processor (it’s evident that Intel doesn’t want to be tied to ANY liability).

The webinar was suppose to be recorded and made available to the public but it seems the guy who was suppose to do it got fired because it never happened. The closest thing I was able to find is a webinar on the i7 and i5 processors.

What’s clear is that the nature of processors has changed in comparison to what they used to be. One electrical current powers and affects all dimensions of the processor (anything from the cache to the BUS to the memory within the processor). Therefore, if you change one dimension of the processor, it’s going to affect the other dimensions of the processor. So it must be clear to the "overclocker" that all characteristics of the computer processor must be changed when attempting a successful overclock. Streamlining the flow of information from within the processor is the most difficult part of overclocking. Much like with manufacturing, if you have a bottleneck somewhere in your assembly line, your output will only be as good as your least producing component. Ultimately, finding a common medium in overclocking is more difficult because changes in the processor components react differently (not to mention there are areas of a processor that will be changed even though you will not want to change them). Overall – if you are interested in what overclocking may do for your computer, the webinar is a worthy watch, jam-packed with information.

In my opinion, computers have already become so powerful with invent of quadcore processors that for most of us, even with things like games, it may not be worth the risk of voiding your warranty and potentially sizzling one of the most important components of your computer. However, as Moore’s Law comes to an end due to the limits of Silicon, overclocking may be a last push by hardware-enthusiasts to obtain additional power to run the software and games that seem to always need more out of your computer. The significant increase in price in comparison to other Intel and AMD processors suggests that for most computer users this will not be an option, even for those who wish to be able to overclock.

If you have comments, questions or confessions, please post!

Always wishing you the Best,


Monday, June 14, 2010

Watch / Stream LIVE 2010 FIFA World Cup Football Soccer for FREE (NO B.S.)

Enjoy Watching LIVE 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer for Free; All games at all hours (see schedule below)! (Please Share on Facebook! -link on the right-)
Below you may stream ESPN, ESPN HD, BBC/Other British Broadcasting TV through your computer.

We Recommend "TV 1 or 2"
-Click on one of the links below to view the game, if one doesn't work, try another.
-Allow the player to load!
-If any advertisements appear, close all of the advertisements by clicking the "x"
-If there are advertisements with no "x," wait for about 15 seconds to be given the open to close the ads. Any ad will eventually give you the option to close them.
-If you missed the game and want to watch it, view past games on ESPN3
*I do not guarantee that they all work but I will check them regularly to make sure they work.
Last Check: 6/22/2010 - 09:00 US Pacific

Click on one of the TV's Below

Best3ForFree.Com TV 1 (ESPN HD Live) Online
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Best3ForFree.Com TV 5 (ESPN; Large screen) Online

*You need Adobe Flashplayer to View the Game

Future FIFA World Cup Games that will be Featured on Best3Blog.Com:

2010 FIFA World Cup Schedule (in order by date):

Time Conversions:
4:30 am US Pacific = 13:30 CET
7:00 am US Pacific = 16:00 CET
11:30 am US Pacific = 20:30 CET

- South Africa versus (vs) Mexico - 6/11/2010 - 07:00 am US Pacific
- Uruguay versus (vs) France - 6/11/2010 - 11:30 am US Pacific
- Argentina versus (vs) Nigeria - 6/12/2010 - 04:30 am US Pacific
- (South) Korea Republic versus (vs) Greece - 6/12/2010 - 7:00 am US Pacific
- England versus (vs) USA (America) - 6/12/2010 - 11:30 am US Pacific
- Algeria versus (vs) Slovenia - 6/13/2010 - 4:30 am US Pacific
- Germany versus (vs) Australia - 6/13/2010 - 11:30 am US Pacific
- Serbia versus (vs) Ghana - 6/13/2010 - 7:00 am US Pacific
- Netherlands versus (vs) Denmark - 6/14/2010 - 4:30 am US Pacific
- Japan versus (vs) Cameroon - 6/14/2010 - 7:00 am US Pacific
- Italy versus (vs) Paraguay - 6/14/2010 - 11:30 am US Pacific
- New Zealand versus (vs) Slovakia - 6/15/2010 - 4:30 am US Pacific
- Ivory Coast versus (vs) Portugal - 6/15/2010 - 7:00 am US Pacific
- Brazil versus (vs) (North Korea) DPR - 6/15/2010 - 11:30 am US Pacific
- Honduras versus (vs) Chile - 6/16/2010 - 4:30 am US Pacific
- Spain versus (vs) Switzerland - 6/16/2010 - 7:00 am US Pacific
- South Africa versus (vs) Uruguay - 6/16/2010 - 11:30 am US Pacific
- France versus (vs) Mexico - 6/17/2010 - 11:30 am US Pacific
- Greece versus (vs) Nigeria - 6/17/2010 - 7:00 am US Pacific
- Argentina versus (vs) (South) Korea Republic - 6/17/2010 - 4:30 am US Pacific
- (America) USA versus Slovenia - 6/18/2010 - 7:00 am US Pacific
- England versus Algeria - 6/18/2010 - 11:30 am US Pacific
- Germany versus (vs) Serbia - 6/18/2010 - 4:30 am US Pacific
- Ghana versus (vs) Australia - 6/19/2010 - 7:00 am US Pacific
- Netherlands versus (vs) Japan - 6/19/2010 - 4:30 am US Pacific
- Cameroon versus (vs) Denmark - 6/19/2010 - 11:30 am US Pacific
- Slovakia versus (vs) Paraguay - 6/20/2010 - 4:30 am US Pacific
- Italy versus (vs) New Zealand - 6/20/2010 - 7:00 am US Pacific
- Brazil versus (vs) Ivory Coast - 6/20/2010 - 11:30 am US Pacific
- Portugal versus (vs) (North) Korea DPR - 6/21/2010 - 4:30 am US Pacific
- Chile versus (vs) Switzerland - 6/21/2010 - 7:00 am US Pacific
- Spain versus (vs) Honduras - 6/21/2010 - 11:30 am US Pacific
- Mexico versus (vs) Uruguay - 6/22/2010 - 7:00 am US Pacific
- France versus (vs) South Africa - 6/22/2010 - 7:00 am US Pacific
- Nigeria versus (vs) (South) Korea Republic - 6/22/2010 - 11:30 am US Pacific
- Greece versus (vs) Argentina - 6/22/2010 - 11:30 am US Pacific
- (America) USA versus Algeria - 6/23/2010 - 7:00 am US Pacific
- Slovenia versus (vs) England - 6/23/2010 - 7:00 am US Pacific
- Ghana versus (vs) Germany - 6/23/2010 - 11:30 am US Pacific
- Australia versus (vs) Serbia - 6/23/2010 - 11:30 am US Pacific
- Denmark versus (vs) Japan - 6/24/2010 - 11:30 am US Pacific
- Cameroon versus (vs) Netherlands - 6/24/2010 - 11:30 am US Pacific
- Slovakia versus (vs) Italy - 6/24/2010 - 7:00 am US Pacific
- Paraguay versus (vs) New Zealand - 6/24/2010 - 7:00 am US Pacific
- Portugal versus (vs) Brazil - 6/25/2010 - 7:00 am US Pacific
- (North) Korea DPR versus (vs) Ivory Coast - 6/25/2010 - 7:00am US Pacific
- Chile versus (vs) Spain - 6/25/2010 - 11:30 US Pacific
- Switzerland versus (vs) Honduras - 6/25/2010 - 11:30 US Pacific